How are you protecting business-critical data? With rediBackup, your critical business data is regularly backed up and you can access it quickly and easily at any time. Look to our powerful cloud-based backup service to help ensure that your business can return to normal quickly if necessary.


Use rediBackup to:

  • Eliminate end-of-life backup infrastructure, avoid having to spend on costly new systems and staff, or gain enterprise-class backup capabilities cost-effectively
  • Back up and manage both onsite and offsite workloads easily, through a single web interface
  • Assure backup consistency and proper data retention policy to meet compliance requirements
  • Eliminate the costs, headaches, and logistical nightmares of purchasing, transporting, storing, and securing backup tapes, drives or other media

Affordable Enterprise-Class Backup

Get enterprise-class backup for a fraction of the cost of having to procure, deploy, and maintain your own backup infrastructure.


Ultra-Fast Backup and Restore

Get high-performance data protection—on-premises, off-premises, or both. Find specific files in seconds with Google-like search features, and restore data instantly by retrieving individual files directly on rediBackup.


Support Policy and Governance

Your SLA ensures that backups and snapshots occur as scheduled and data is automatically archived according to its retention policy. Back up as frequently as needed, and have consistent backup snapshots across applications.