When your priority is driving business results, you shouldn’t have to worry about your critical applications and data. They should just work. With rediCompute, they will. RediCompute is reliable, affordable cloud computing in a turnkey package.


Use rediCompute to:

  • Ensure that business-critical applications and data are performing and always available
  • Gain on-demand capacity for short-term peak workloads or bursty applications
  • Perform proof-of-concepts for new technologies or support a development and testing environment cost-effectively
  • Support or enhance disaster recovery strategies
  • Avoid capital costs associated with the procurement, support, and operations of physical infrastructure

Enterprise-Class Performance and Security

Get high availability and performance for business-critical applications and data, and extend applications to everyone who needs them. A rediCompute subscription includes firewalling, VPN capabilities, and a public IP address.


Control Your Cloud

Control your own environment with role-based access to permission additional users, configure Virtual Machines (VMs), manage firewall security, and scale resources up or down.


Fast Deployment

Rapidly deploy servers and connect users in just minutes. Leverage our templates or build your own. Test new technologies and launch new applications in a fraction of the time it would take to deploy your own infrastructure.


Cost-Effective Options

Buy the right level of service for your applications, and don’t pay for capabilities you don’t need. We support License Mobility, so you can use existing Microsoft-based licensing in our cloud.