Cisco is a leader in data center hardware and software and helps us provide a highly performant, highly available network and compute infrastructure.


We leverage Cisco’s Nexus and Catalyst switching platforms as the foundation for our network infrastructure. We are ACI ready with continual improvements to automating our data center. With redundant 10gb and 40gb interconnectivity, we ensure the highest levels of network performance and availability.


In addition to Cisco switching, we leverage Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) for all compute infrastructure, providing both shared and dedicated computing environments to customers of all sizes.


Our solutions have been Cisco certified, a detailed process in which a 3rd party firm audits our technology, process, and overall execution.


VMware provide the core of our virtualized infrastructure. With products such as ESXi, VSAN, vCloud Director, NSX, and more we are able to build a robust virtualization platform that is secure, multi-tenant, and feature rich.


The ESXi hypervisor is prevalent in most enterprises today. We leverage ESXi to give our customers the greatest levels of compatibility when migrating and the same features they get in their private data center today.


NSX provides tenanted, feature-rich virtual networking services that gives customers flexible networking options and provides a framework for additional security services.

Rubrik is a converged data management platform that combines hardware and software to radically simplify data protection and recovery. rediCloud uses Rubrik to provide backup services for virtual machines hosted both in rediCloud data centers as well as on-premise customer environments.


Rubrik takes a policy-driven approach to data protection and removes a lot of complexity found in traditional backup systems. rediCloud leverages the Rubrik technology to provide high performance backup with instant search and restores, and unlimited data retention.


Coupled with our object storage, we give customers a very simple, reliable, and cost effective data protection solution.


Cloudian is a hardware-agnostic object storage platform that allows rediCloud to offer “cheap and deep” storage in the cloud for use with unstructured data, media, and archival data. Coupled with Cisco UCS, rediCloud offers an extremely reliable cloud storage solution without the unpredictable costs commonly found with other providers.


With Cloudian, we can offer data protection policies specific to each customer’s needs. Cloudian’s S3 guarantee ensures the standards set by the commonly used S3 protocol are met, preventing the need to modify existing code when moving to the platform.

Zerto is a hypervisor-based disaster recovery solution that provides continuous replication, orchestration, and push button recovery. Zerto is storage and hypervisor agnostic, giving rediCloud the greatest level of flexibility when supporting our clients.


Zerto’s journal-based recovery provides very low RPOs (recovery point objectives) minimizing data loss without any impact to performance. Customers can choose to recover a single VM, multiple VMs, or their entire data center. With Zerto we can completely automate the recovery process, giving our customers full control over when, and how, they perform a failover without intervention from rediCloud.


We selected CoreSite data centers to host rediCloud infrastructure due to their impeccable track record for uptime and availability as well as their world-class Tier 3+ facilities. They allow us to focus on improving our infrastructure and services rather than environmentals. We have ample connectivity options and near limitless floor space as needs arise.


CoreSite has a large portfolio of data centers covering the US as well as partnerships globally. With CoreSite, we can collocate customer’s physical equipment and cross connect to their cloud resources at 1gb or 10gb speeds.

LogicMonitor is a robust SaaS-based monitoring platform that allows us to monitor our infrastructure and customer workloads with valuable insight into the performance and availability of rediCloud resources. Similar to the simplicity that rediCloud provides to its customers, LogicMonitor removes the need to manage monitoring infrastructure and allows us to focus on the core business objectives.


LogicMonitor’s ability to consume virtually any datasource with pre-configured templates for many technologies make it easy to configure and scale as our needs grow.